East Texas Prosthetic-Orthotic Care, Inc. (ETPOC) was established to provide patients with the prompt, technologically advanced, and professional services often lacking in rural communities.  Before the inception of ETPOC patients requiring the services of an American Board Certified (ABC) prosthetist-orthotist ( CPO ) had to travel distances exceeding sixty miles to receive care.  Our practice has the distinction of being Longview’s only ABC staffed facility that is still operated under the direction of the original founder. When you choose ETPOC, you may rest assured that your patient will receive individualized attention, skilled care, and quality products incorporating the most advanced materials and technology.  Our practice is service oriented and consistently strives to meet the needs and desires of our patients and other health care professionals.

     Referred patients receive a comprehensive evaluation obtained through physical examination and discussion.  Potential devices and components utilized to address the need will be analyzed with the patient and other rehabilitation team members.  Our experienced staff practitioners are familiar with a variety of traditional, hybrid, and modern device designs and will choose the most applicable services for your patients.

     ETPOC is a strong proponent of the rehabilitation team and strives to assist other health care providers with therapy program planning by providing input regarding appropriate devices and recent innovations in the profession.  Follow-up examinations are utilized to monitor and report patient progress to therapists and physicians.

    At the administrative level, ETPOC needs referral source documents such as prescriptions, certificates of medical necessity, functional level assessments, and MRI or X-Ray reports to meet requirements imposed by third party pay sources.  Since services depend on this information, ETPOC appreciates referral source participation in providing data to help expedite the payer approval process and patient treatment.

     The ETPOC staff meets the highest standards in prosthetic and orthotic fabrication and patient care. The primary goal of ETPOC is to consistently provide excellent patient care and service.  The prosthesis or orthosis represents one component of the profession.  As a member of the rehabilitation team ETPOC participates in rehabilitation planning, provides follow-up care, and relays patient progress to other professionals.  ETPOC values its role as an allied health provider and accepts the responsibilities of patient care and rehabilitation success.  ETPOC invites you to tour the patient care facility for a more detailed and visual explanation of the prosthetic and orthotic profession.


Robert M. Wright, III, CPO